A statement from Pastor Zac about the SBC abuse Report

Like many of you, I saw the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force Report for the first time on Sunday. To say I’m disgusted and grieved by the contents of this report would be an understatement. The findings should humble all churches cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention and move us to grief and repentance. Every Christian and church leader has a responsibility to prevent abuse and take tangible steps to protect the vulnerable among us.


We believe that God is a tower of refuge and strength, and our churches should reflect such in how we care for people and stand against abuse. When you read the testimonies of the abused reflected in this report, it’s obvious that many churches acted contrary to this. The content of this report grieves our staff. It grieves our leadership. It grieves me and breaks my heart. 


The message of the Gospel is that Jesus can bring healing and hope to everything that’s broken. Our only way forward is to pray for God to bring every hidden sin to light and ask Him to heal and restore the lives of those affected by these heinous sins. This isn’t just a call to our convention; it’s a call to everyone in the Body of Christ.


This must be a season of mourning and repentance. Join me in praying for the survivors mentioned in the report and others who suffered under this abuse.


In Christ, 


Pastor Zac Minton

The Rock Church



P.S. - The Rock Church, The Rock Church Leadership Team, Small Group Leaders, partners and or volunteers are not connected to the report in any way. 


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